Introducing my new 'Natural Fertility Care Hamper'. A carefully created hamper that includes helpful and relaxing products that you need to help you, or someone you love, on the journey to a natural conception.
I have partnered with other small businesses to bring you a beautiful selection of products to help you.
Each hamper contains:
- A 40g bag of premium raspberry leaf tea- known for its fertility boosting properties!
- A reusable cloth teabag to place your loose tea in
- A 50g pot of himalayan bath salts infused with lavender and lime to help you relax
- A bar of deluxe chocolate
- Samantha Gallier Acupuncture Fetility Ear seeds, with instructions to help you increase your chances of conception with the art of Acupressure
- An' Understand Your Cycle' booklet, written by myself, to help you in learning about your body and its fertility signs
- A lavender infused microwave wheat pack to help warm your lower abdomen and lower back (very important in fertility)
- A pair of fluffy socks - Also very important in Chinese Medicine to keep your feet warm for fertility!
- An affirmation card
- A beauty sample
- A pineapple keyring
- A Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Chart to help you get started on your journey!

 Postage included in the price.

Boxes are non-refundable and I do currently have limited stock.

Natural Fertility Care Hamper