Fertility Egg Freezing

£120/2 menstrual cycles

Natural Fertility Coaching Package

Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated about your fertility journey? Let me take the pressure off of you and help give you clarity and guidance with my Fertility Coaching Package.

Did you know that by tracking your cycle, and working with a fertility coach, you can increase your chances of conceiving naturally by a massive 92% within 12 cycles! (Study published by the journal Human Reproduction 2003). 

I have a huge passion in helping others reach their dream of having a child, and there were only so many people I could help in my Acupuncture clinic due to time and location restrictions! So I decided to create Natural Fertility Solutions! A personalised Natural Fertility Coaching Package to help you understand your body and help you to conceive as soon as possible.

I believe there is so much as women that we do not know about our own bodies and it is amazing how our bodies can tell and show us when we are most fertile.


Being made to believe we all should ovulate around day 14 of our cycles can be extremely damaging for someone who is trying to conceive, so I want to help you find out when you personally ovulate so you can take advantage of your most fertile time. Plus, giving you some helpful tips to help boost yours or your partners fertility!

Natural Fertility Solutions can also assist in the diagnosing of certain fertility issues, possibly saving you from unnecessary and invasive diagnostic tests.

There are no special pills, or magic potions in this program. I am here to teach you how to recognise when you are most fertile by using your body’s natural resources.

When signing up for this package you are signing up to a '2 cycle' program. Meaning I will be here to help you through two of your menstrual cycles (no matter how long they are!) and will work with you and your partner in order to increase your chances of conceiving.


The journey begins with me sending you an initial consultation form (this can be done via email, post or phone call), and will allow me to get to know you and your partner on a more personal level so I can make to correct personalised recommendations for you both.


You will then receive your first of 3 packages delivered straight to your door! The contents of each are listed below (please note that only the first package comes in a box, the rest are in envelopes).

Package one:

  • 2 X BBT charts

  • 1 X oral thermometer

  • 1 X pen

  • ‘A little bit about me’

  • Instructions on how to take and record your BBT

  • The difference between the different cervical fluids

  • Diet, exercise and lifestyle advice for yourself

  • Diet, exercise and lifestyle advice for your partner

  • A word on ovulation kits

  • Advice on supplements

  • A special gift

In your second package you will receive:

  • A debrief of your BBT chart

  • Any changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle advice if appropriate

  • Personalised Acupressure points

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Fertility myths

In your final package you will receive:

  • A debrief of your BBT chart

  • Any changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle advice if appropriate

If you have any questions about if this package would be a good fit for you, or would like to purchase one of these packages, please do not hesitate to contact me.